BIA COVID-19 Food Project

Marty, BAP Tús worker, unloading food from BAP van for Bia  Food collection at Tesco Bray

Read this 2020 Annual Report Story: Responding to COVID-19 to find out how our BIA Project addressed food poverty in 2020 with weekly food parcels to people cocooning and families in need.

Our Bia Food Project has been responding to COVID-19 by delivering food parcels every week to individuals, families and community groups, in the Bray and North Wicklow areas.

The project (supported by our Tús team) redistributes surplus food for the benefit of the community. The food is sourced through Food Cloud and local supermarkets working with Food Cloud and Bray Area Partnership.

Our distribution centre is Cornerstone Church At The Well, where the food is sorted and packaged ready for delivery to local individuals and families - and local groups such as Five Loaves and Bray Women's Refuge for re-distribution to people in need.

The initiative has illustrated how local community services and businesses have come together to support people during the COVID-19 crisis.

This work is supported through our SICAP programme.

To find out more call Michael Byrne on 01 286 8266.

"The good will from local businesses and charities has been incredible and it’s amazing to be part of something that is making a real difference.” SPECS Bray Co-ordinator, Maryrose Costello