Fun Dayz Community Childcare

Fun Dayz

Our affordable community pre-school service, Fun Dayz, offers children a warm and friendly environment where they can learn, play and interact with other children.

The service is based in a lovely bright sunny building in the Quinsborough Road with an outdoor play area.

There are morning and afternoon sessions, and parents can apply for a subsidised place based on family circumstances, or a free pre-school year, under government schemes the service operates.  

Fun Dayz staff are highly qualified and create a welcoming environment, providing opportunities for imaginative and creative play based on the interests of the individual child. Children are supported to learn and develop,  build on their own self-help, social and competence skills, and engage with their peers.

Through reflecting as a staff team, and engaging with the children and their families, Fun Dayz staff aim to meet the needs of all of the children and families who attend the service.

Parents are vital to their children’s learning and  therefore are encouraged to be involved by spending time in the service and sharing ideas from their culture and family background. Parents of children in Fun Dayz also have      access to other Partnership supports - such as free Parents Plus parenting programmes, information on education and training for themselves and education options for their children, support with the transition to ‘big school’, and other Partnership services.

In addition, our staff have the knowledge to be able to link families up with the wide range of different services and supports provided by others in the local community.

To find out more or make an appointment to visit the centre, contact Teresa Grant, Tel: 01 276 5940.