Our Board

Our Board oversees our work and has representatives elected from all sectors of the local community.  Our current Board members are:




Patricia Shortt (Wick TU Ctre) Community/voluntary Marginalised, Disadvantaged, Unemployed Cluster
John Smith Community/voluntary Older People Cluster Group
Vacant Community/voluntary  
Ronán Mulhern (Cairdeas Clubhouse) Community/voluntary BAP Disability Network
Shay Hiney (NLN) Community/voluntary BAP Disability Network
Celine Judge Statutory HSE
Ray Tedders Statutory KWETB
John O'Brien Social partners ICTU
Judy Coolahan Social partners ICTU
Eugene Finnegan Social partners IBEC/Bray Chamber of Commerce
Brendan Thornhill Elected public rep Municipal District of Bray
Michael O'Connor Elected public rep Municipal District of Bray
Tom Fortune Elected public rep Greystones Municipal District