Parenting Courses

We provide free parenting courses to support parents and carers in their vital role of parenting.  


Parents Plus Parenting Adolescents

Six-week course (one morning a week) - next course will start in early 2018 - email to find out more. 

Parents Plus 6-11 years Programme

This 6-week programme aims to help you develop a closer and more satisfying relationship with your children, and will show you: 

  • how to communicate positively with children
  • ways to encourage good social skills
  • well-researched methods to tackle behaviour problems.

Next course starts on 13th February 2018 - click here to find out more.

"Very good course - recommend to anyone."  Participant

"A really supportive interactive course with great facilitators who helped us open up about our challenges at home.  Do it!"  Participant

"What I liked most was the honest interaction between all the participants.  It really helped to understand that parenting is a tricky job and we're all doing the best we can with what we know."  Participant


Parents Plus Parenting When Separated

A practical and positive six week course for parents who are preparing for, going through or have gone through a separation or divorce. The Programme is aimed at parents with Children under 12 years who live in the Greater Bray Area. Separated Couples do NOT attend the same group together.  

Next course will start early in 2018 - keep an eye on our Events page or email to find out more.

"Fabulous course. My children's lives have been improved by me doing the course. Excellent opportunity to improve your own life too."  Recent participant

"Open, honest, listened to - not judged."  Recent participant